Friday, May 15, 2009 An Online Auction Site

Consider when you buy an LCD TV for $495.95 with the full manufactures warranty instead of $1249.99 without any hidden charges. Well, there is no wonder if you ever visited , an online auction website. With each product you get discount up to 90% off the market price, whether you buy laptops, printers, iPods, watches, gold bars, gift cards, coffee machines, designer sunglasses, HD projectors, travel packages, even home and garden.

The Concept of goes like this: Each bid placed, increases the price of the product by $0.15 and the auction countdown by up to 20 seconds. To help keep track of the money spent on bidding, each auction displays the amount spent on bids by the customer and how much the bidder would save overall, if you are the last bidder and auction time ends you win the auction. The last auction price is the winning price of the chosen auction.

It feels like playing a game rather than shopping online, where winners and buyers can walk away with amazing margins on Brand new products. For instance, when you pay $33.75 for 45 bids and win a brand new Canon SD1100IS 8MP Digital Camera for $40.10 and the market price of this camera is $159.94. So total amount spent by you is $73.85, you saved $86.09 for the camera, excellent deal isn’t it?

Timing is very important at . You can closely watch those items which have fewer bidders. As you know you that there is no way you can assume, how many people are watching an item, you can bid late at night when fewer shopper usually bid at also gives you a chance of winning bundles of free bid vouchers that you can use in any auction. If you get couple of vouchers then your account is charged way up to start the game.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cheap Bids is an exciting new auction website where users can win brand-new factory sealed products up to 90% off the retail value. Seems like no other auction site will give you the same level of excitement as I found that bidding on all my favorite products I really wanted then winning them up to 90% off their retail value … Just awesome.What's great is that you will find the latest and greatest products at especially all those sought after gizmos and gadgets you and your friends really want. Products like LCD high definition televisions as well as laptops, printers, iPods, watches, gold bars, gift cards, coffee machines, designer sunglasses, HD projectors, travel packages, even home and garden can all be found on up to 90% off!It's simple, fast, and exciting to bid on your favorite auctions! Great thing here is that the site continuously gets updated with the latest and greatest products on the market so that you can be sure to find what you want at a deep discount. You may even suggest a product to Admin and win a bid package if they select your product idea! Once you try it'll be your favorite auction site as you keep on coming back buying more bids, bidding on your favorite auctions, and become another winner! The way I see it, is all I have to do is just win 1 high-priced item at 90% off to more than pay for my current and future bid packages.